Sardines in tomato sauce

Super Jitney format

Sardines in vegetable oil

¼ club format (rr125 and rr90)

Sardines in sunflower oil

¼ club format (rr125 and rr90)

Sardines tomato sauce

¼ club format (rr125 and rr90)

Sardines in olive oil

¼ club format (rr125 and rr90)

Grated sardines in water and salt

½ pound format

Grated sardines in vegetable oil

½ pound format

Quality control

Quality control

Our quality control department is responsible for overseeing all parts of the production process including: fishing extraction, transportation, production, storage and dispatch of the products.


We have a laboratory with the latest equipment to control the standards and parameters of production, this enable us to safeguard quality and safety of our products.

Quality Assurance Technicians

Our technicians are located throughout the entire production process: receipt of raw materials and inputs, production, storage and dispatch of finished products, controlling the standards and parameters for obtaining a safe product and for excellent quality is met.


We have obtained certifications for assuring quality management, safe food control and manufacturing practices. These certifications ensure that we follow the necessary steps to prevent and mitigate the environmental impact as well as the safe production of food. Our production has been certified with the following quality standards.

(formerly ITP)
ISO 9001:2008

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